Paul Ellis - Panoramas CD-II (FLAC)
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Paul Ellis - Panoramas CD-II (FLAC)

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  1. Silver Star Mountain in Winter Monochrome - [32:03]
  2. Trillium Lake and the Blue Reflection - [33:07]

Press Information:

The two pieces on this CD were actually the inspiration, and the first two that I recorded for the Panoramas series. Silver Star In Winter Monochrome being the first one. Strangely enough about 9 months later I wound up buying a house in the Silver Star Mountain range, which I had no idea was going to happen when I started this. It was simply one of my favorite places to hike. I came home after a particularly good day inspired to write a long form piece about how it made me feel. Now it's home.

Trillium Lake and the Blue Reflection. I remember coming back from there and I could hear how I wanted the intro to sound before beginning to write it. Not the specific melodies, but the textures: Rhodes piano sound surrounded by pads. That's what the scenes I was looking at "sounded like" in my head. It took a spontaneous life of it's own and it was as if I was watching it objectively as I created it. Like someone else was writing it and I was just listening to it unfold. I felt strongly enough about these two pieces that I kept creating more. I noticed that I never got tired of listening to them. They put me in a good mood. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Paul Ellis

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