Tronestam, Johan - Cosmic Steps (MP3)
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Tronestam, Johan - Cosmic Steps (MP3)

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  1. Leaving the Solar System [12:50]
  2. Interstellar travel [10:49]
  3. Borderland [8:48]
  4. Habitable zone [6:57]
  5. Terra nova [9:26]
  6. Alien shores [10:50]
  7. Alien sunset [9:04]
  8. We will stay [10:17]

Press Info:
Cosmic Steps moves in exactly the same area as the previous album Next Step. Next Step was inspired by the idea of colonizing planets and moons in the Solar System. Cosmic Steps takes us one step further through the concept of interstellar spaceflight. Travelling to other star systems and probably discovering planets that are beneficial to humans is probably still a long way off. Johann Sebastian Bach who is one of my favorite composers died over 270 years ago. Maybe that is the time it takes until we can travel to other stars with the same ease as we put a rover on Mars. But one day, our future civilization will wave to its pioneers who embark on an unbelievably long journey through interstellar space - Fantastic achievements and truly Cosmic steps.

Cosmic Steps is also a concluding album of previous interpretations of the depths of space and man’s dream of colonization.

Cosmic steps was created in studio TeamQuasar on Åland during spring of 2020 to February 2021. The album contains 8 tracks which is about 80 minutes of music. I hope this album provides a musically positive experience and a longing for what is impossible today but probably made possible tomorrow.
Johan Tronestam

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