Guy-Lian - Solar System Part 1 (MP3)
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Guy-Lian - Solar System Part 1 (MP3)

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  1. Sun - Ouverture - 04:27.36 02
  2. Mercury I - 04:58.30 03
  3. Venus II - 05:09.68 04
  4. Earth III - 16:35.63 05
  5. Mars IV - 07:06.18 06
  6. Asteroid Belt - IVa - 03:50.32

Press Info:
Here we have a new Groove artist!! Danny Gijbels who under the name "Guy-Lian" (like the famous Belgian chocolates) makes brilliant EM. Born in Belgium (may 1967) his life has always been dominated by music. His father, being a hifi enthousiast, owned more than a thousand albums and an extensive collection of tape reels. Besides rock & roll, disco and country, instrumental music was part of this library. Especially the music of "The Spotnicks" and "The Shadows" drew Danny's attention. A special place was reserved for the organ based music of "The Tornados".

In the second half of the seventies, new artists entered the pop charts with musical styles never heard before. "Jean-Michel Jarre" with “Oxygene” and some years later “Equinox”, "Vangelis" with “Pulstar” and “To The Unknow Man”. These tracks impressed me even more than the former artists. Much had to do with those exotic timbres which were totally different form organs or electric guitars. If you want to read his personal story then I would suggest visiting his cool website

And then there was in 2019 A new chapter:

"Solar System" - Part 1

Danny after investing in additional hardware, was caught by the music virus once again and started two new concepts/projects: one with the name of "Solar System". This album was to become his musical journey through our solar system, starting with the sun and ending with the controversial (ex-)planet Pluto. Every planet is given its own song with its own ambiance.

And now we have here Part 1 of this musical journey!

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