Betzler & Bruckner - Triplet (MP3)
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Betzler & Bruckner - Triplet (MP3)

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On saturday, october the 29th, Tommy Betzler, Sammy David and Michael Brückner appeared as additional act in the „upper room“ on 2016‘s e-live festival at oirschot, the netherlands.
They performed three sets (two shorter and one longer) at the beginning of the festival and in the breaks between the acts on the main stage.
The three tracks on this album - although studio recordings - reflect their first two sets (which were largely improvisations). The bonus track is a live-in-the studio version of the closer of the third, and longest set.

Michael Brückner: synthesizer, keyboards, electronics & programming
Tommy Betzler: e-drums, gongs, percussion
Sammy David: guitar on track 1, 2 & 4 and on live videos (bonus dvd)
Fryderyk Jona: moog voyager on track 1 & 2, additional keyboards and sequences on track 4

The bonus dvd features video footage of most of the second and third set - however only in lo-fi sound and video quality, which still might give an impression of the actual event...

Mixed and mastered by Michael Brückner
cover design by Michael Brückner
photos by Anke Betzler
Ed‘s amazing liquid lights
Edward Rink (light doctor) and Jeroen Bouma (Bouma Productions) live light projections at e-live
live video filming and editing (set 3)

  1. The Trip [18:04]
  2. Trilogy [16:29]
  3. Doublette [22:38]
  4. (Three) To The Flame Of Life [19:14]


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