Ron Boots & John Kerr - Juxtaposition The Bochum Bonus (MP3)
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Ron Boots & John Kerr - Juxtaposition The Bochum Bonus (MP3)

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  1. Dreams of Different Days and Dawnings
  2. Between You and Me
  3. The Tears of the Fallen
  4. Juxtareprise
  5. The Map and the Labyrinth (Synthex Jeff)
  6. Distand Views
  7. Road to Nowhere (Synthex Jeff with guest parts by John Kerr & Ron Boots)
  8. Oceans of Commotions
  9. Transcendence #4996
  10. Still Loving You, Still Missing You

JUXTAPOSITION, THE BOCHUM BONUS is a supplement to our album JUXTAPOSITION. Musical creations which were intended for the first CD but didn't make it simply because of the limited capacity (79 minutes of music) of the medium. However, this doesn't mean that this album is a 'second choice' album. No, not at all! We are just as proud of the music on it as we are of the music on the first album. We had so much material that we decided to produce this second album instead of discarding it all. And here's the result!
We also decided to make a very special gesture to all our fans for supporting us and coming to our concert at the Bochum Planetarium by presenting each visitor with a free copy as a souvenir of the concert. A "Thanks for the support and a very Happy New Year!" So that explains the subtitle 'The Bochum Bonus'! We hope you will enjoy this second album as much as the first album and thank you all for your very much appreciated support over the years! John & Ron. December 2015


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