Gert Emmens - Last Alien (MP3)
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Gert Emmens - Last Alien (MP3)

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  1. Part 1 [12:08]
  2. Part 2 [11:55]
  3. Part 3 [15:14]
  4. Part 4 [11:08]
  5. Part 5 [10:27]

After I decided to do an album with old pre-MIDI synths only (and guitar and drums) the first step was to record the sequences. For this, I could use the huge Moog 55 modular system that belongs to Dazzlinj.A modular with some history, since it once belonged to Johan Timman and was used on his Trip Into TheBody album. The sequences were recorded during two days. The modular gave me quite a hard time, it ishardly possible to keep it in tune. Once tuned the sequencer and starting the recording you just hear itslowly (or not that slowly) gettin out of tune again. So, a matter of patience and keeping it’s fantastic massive sound in mind. During the first recording day, I could also use Dazzlinj’s ARP 2600 torecord some soundeffects. The rest of the album was done in around 6 weeks at my studio at home.There is always plenty of old analog’s around to work with. :-) Besides that I was lucky to have kept all the soundeffects and the arpeggio (2nd half of PART 5), done with a Memorymoog that I had on a loan for months long ago, in 2007. For the first time, I recorded acoustic drums in my studio. I have to be thankfull to my neighbours for not complaining about the drumvolume during the days I recorded them...

In Dazzlinj’s studio: Sequences recorded on January 30 and May 21, 2016. Soundeffects ARP 2600 recorded on January 30.In my own studio: Memorymoog recorded in 2007. All other parts recorded from May 23 until Juni 30, 2016.Mixed and mastered during the first week of July, 2016.

Photo’s and photoshopping by Gert Emmens Cover design by Gert Emmens

Many thanks: Jeroen, for allowing me to record the sequences with his Moog 55 modular and soundeffects with hisARP 2600 synth. Keeping in mind also that he offered two of his weekend days having me around.Ruud Heij, for being there during the recording days at Jeroen’s place, to assist with patching the Moog, and helping to start up and tame it.Pierre Steltenpool, for giving me one of his Memorymoogs on a loan for many months.Ron Boots, for the support, distribution and confidence in my music.Laila, for all the love.

I would like to dedicate this album to all my fans who keep supporting me. It means much to me.

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