Can Atilla - Concorde (MP3)
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Can Atilla - Concorde (MP3)

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All material recorded and mixed at POeM Studio by Can Atilla during November 2004-January 2005
Composed and performed by Can Atilla

Can Atilla - keyboards, drumms
Katia Dzjbaicha - voice on track 1
Mustafa Cihan Aslan - alto sax on track 2 and 9
Murat Yücel - electric guitar on track 4
James Watkins - voice on track 4
Cagatay Akyol - alto recorders on track 5
Faria - vocals on track 8

The Turkish musician Can Atilla has many musical faces. One of his most important faces is, when he captures the sound and impact of one of the most influential electronic music bands in his music, Tangerine Dream. On earlier albums, he has already done that with great result and on "Concorde", an ode to that great plane, he has explored this even more and reached his top so far. In the "Prologue" of the album, Can opens with a nice ambient piece after which the sequences and wonderful basses take over in "Rain Of Fire".
Cihan Aslan plays the alto sax in this fine melodically track. Melodically is a word that returns on this album on every track. The music is rather easy accessible and has great melodies. Can certainly knows what he is doing. "Concorde Forever" (with Murat Yücel on electric guitar and the voice of James Watkins), "Eve" and "First Kiss" bring back the happy memories of Tangerine Dream of the eighties.  "Tears Of Maria Barbara Bach" is a wonderful melancholic piece. It contains a fine mixture between Atilla’s electronics and the alto recorders of Çagatay Akyol. In "Pacific Lover" the voice of Faria can be heard. Hearing this, nothing less can be said about Can that he is one of the most interesting electronic musicians of this time. The music of Can Atilla is not only an homage to the Concorde and to the music of Tangerine Dream but also an homage to great melodically electronic music that is very much alive.

  1. Prologue [2:46]
  2. Rain of Fire [9:24]
  3. Smoke - Cluster [3:34]
  4. Concorde Forever [9:40]
  5. Tears of Maria Barbara Bach [8:54]
  6. Midnight Runner [6:47]
  7. Purple and Flexible [6:50]
  8. Pacific Lover [6:20]
  9. Eve [10:17]
  10. Solid Water [4:42]
  11. Anna Magdalena's Notebook [2:37]
  12. First kiss [5:55]
  13. Epilogue [1:51]

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