Eric van der Heijden - Da Capo (MP3)
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Eric van der Heijden - Da Capo (MP3)

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Da Capo was one of the first pieces I composed for the new CD. Somewhere in 1995 I combined the one note sequence with the melodic parts. The sequence changed a bit but the rest is still the same.

OK the tittle, 1993 till 95 was a period with a lot of problems, but somehow I kept smiling and wanted to see everything positively. Da Capo means : start over again, from the top, in music it is very often used. That's why I choose this title, with the sub-title The Light Beyond, after a dark period there comes always a lighter period.

Tempo Rubato - Guesstimate, Tempo Rubato : in music it means that you can freely play, your own tempo. Guesstimate : guess or given an estimate of that tempo�
Berceuse Dolce - Field of Dreams, Berceuse is in music a "lullaby" a sleep-song, Dolce is soft. Field of dreams after the movie with Kevin Costner
Andante Volante - Walking on a cloud Andante is the tempo name for walking tempo, volante is light, with wings. So walking an a cloud
Da Capo - The Light Beyond see above
Coda Piccolo - A Tiny Tale. Coda is the end, the tail of a music piece, piccolo is little, a tiny tale ( tail ??? ) a short story
Attacca con Brio - AC powered. Attacca : the word for : attack. con brio : lively AC powered. A= Anneke my eldest daughter, C=Charlotte : the second one. AC/DC �.. driven /powered by the energy released by the love of your children
Futura Immacolata - The Innocence of Tomorrow. Futura : the future. Immacolata : innocent Crescendo a Due - Evolution for Two. Crescendo is in music the increase of volume. a Due : for two Evolution for two : in a relationship you grow, it evolves
"Hidden Track" Epilog - Testosterony's Epilog. Written when I was 36, after a rather wild period I "wrote" the epilog for my testosteron, the male hormon.

  1. Tempo Rubato - Guesstimate
  2. Berceuse Dolce - Field of Dreams
  3. Andante Volante - Walking on a Cloud
  4. Da Capo - The Light Beyond
  5. Coda Piccolo - A Tiny Tale
  6. Attacca Con Brio - AC Powered
  7. Futura Immacolata - The Innocence of Tomorrow
  8. Crescendo a Due - Evolution for Two
  9. En Log - Testosterony's Epilog

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