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For this album, I was inspired by the Apollo Moon missions, undertaken by NASA during the 60’s and 70’s of the previous century. Since I was born in 1969, the same year that Neil Amstrong set foot on the Moon, I have always felt a very strong connection to this event.

Listening to this album will take you on a voyage from the Earth to the Moon and back again. Many of the astronauts that actually took this journey have stated that they went up there to discover the Moon, yet really discovered Earth. Before Apollo, no-one had ever traveled far enough away to actually see the whole planet in one view. Pictures of that beautiful blue marble floating in space have become famous the world over and have made mankind feel more interconnected than ever before. In my opinion, the Moon landings represent human’s greatest technological achievement up to date. I really hope to live the day that we will be able to return there.

  1. LaunchPad [6:46] MP3 soundclip of LaunchPad [3:00]
  2. Apollo 7 [4:23]
  3. Staging [5:23]
  4. Apollo 8 [6:56]
  5. Orbit [8:23] MP3 soundclip of Orbit [3:00]
  6. Apollo 9 [6:16]
  7. Docking [6:56]
  8. Apollo 11 [5:46]
  9. EarthRise [4:33]
  10. Apollo 13 [5:19]
  11. ReEntry [5:00] MP3 soundclip of ReEntry [3:00]
  12. SplashDown [4:57]

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