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ModularWhite - Lemondream (FLAC)
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ModularWhite - Lemondream (FLAC)

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  1. Romerium - Lemon Paradise [6:48]
  2. Marc van Olden - Yuma Ponderosa Lemon [7:22]
  3. Michel Bekkering - Salon d'Agrume [16:40]
  4. Manorlogic - Skybox [8:32]
  5. Romerium - Lemon Dream [8:20]
  6. Marc van Olden - Making the Lemon Elixer [3:22]

Press Info:
Modularwhite is an collaboration of four electronic musicians.
Michel Bekkering with long berliner schule tracks, influenced by Klaus Schulze.
Norman van Krimpen, alias MANORLOGIC, with obscure industrial and synthpop art of music.
Marc van Olden, with rythmic jazzy, funk and techno tracks.
René Montfoort, alias ROMERIUM, with (dark) ambient drone and symphonic pop.

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