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AGE - Néphélomancie  (FLAC)
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AGE - Néphélomancie (FLAC)

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Néphélomancie - 00:00 / [51:55]

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Clouds are sometimes white, sometimes peaceful, sometimes dark, sometimes threatening. Like storm castles they draw a flamboyant sunset or diaphanous filaments drifting very high. How can we not see them as visible evocations of our moods? How can we not find there a resonance of our emotions? And search a sign of what tomorrow will be? Nephelomancy is about the inspection of clouds as a way to divination.

The music evokes the ever-changing aspects of the sky. During a long non-stop journey it takes you ever higher, to the confines of the atmosphere, where the last clouds, the cirrus clouds, formed of ice crystals, drift peacefully in the purest lights.

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