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Tronestam, Johan - Androids (MP3)
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Tronestam, Johan - Androids (MP3)

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  1. Cutting edge - [7:23]
  2. Self-learning - [8:59]
  3. Awakenings - [11:36]
  4. Artificial Intelligence - [17:17]
  5. I'm here - [11:31]
  6. Among Us - [11:17]
  7. Equality - [12:41]
  8. Andromeda (A.I.) - [8:45]

Product info:
This music was created in Lemland / Åland 2021-2022.

Androids has been an exciting album to create. Developments in artificial intelligence and androids have been very rapid and are constantly evolving faster. Powerful processors, advanced software and other technology create better capabilities for a more human response and androids that can move more like humans. It attracts and scares us at the same time.

For example, there are countless movies and TV series that move within the area. Androids that are good or evil, for the most part they have a strength that no human can measure up to, as well as an intelligence that is superior to us.

But will the androids that we see in the film world become a reality, will we eventually have self-thinking, created individuals in our vicinity?

If the answer is yes, ethical issues arise that are larger than Asimov's robot laws. We will make demands on androids, but should they also be covered by a protection similar to human rights? Or will it become more like a slave trade where they are lawless and can be treated without any ethical principles? If they become self-thinking and aware of their existence, the question is very simple to me. We are equal.

Johan Tronestam

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