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Dave Bessell & Liam Boyle - Imaginator (MP3)
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Dave Bessell & Liam Boyle - Imaginator (MP3)

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  1. The future belongs to dreamers - [7:20]
  2. The bells hum in one radiance - [7:10]
  3. The deconstruction of the old world - [7:46]
  4. Procession - [5:12]
  5. Servant of doors - [7:19]
  6. Beauty in infinity - [6:04]
  7. Voice horizon - [5:34]
  8. Seventh window - [6:28]
  9. Widescreen - [4:56]

Press Info:
Dave Bessell and Liam Boyle first met on Facebook through an interest in Node. Liam has a very wide range of mu-sical interests and skills including the classical avant garde so Dave invited him to a performance of one of his classi-cal modernist pieces for orchestra at Plymouth University. The two hit it off and first collaborated on a track called Theme One from Dave’s solo electronic album ‘Black Horses of the Sun’. It was always on the cards that these two would collaborate further and in 2020 the opportunity arose which resulted in this latest album ‘Imaginator’ their first on Groove Records.
Liam has produced a number of film socres for american independent films as well as recording multiple electronic albums such as ‘Off World’ and more recently ‘Waveforms’ He continues to explore electronic sound design, visuals, guitar and classical compositions

Dave Bessell, founder member of synth group Node, has been releasing a series of fascinating solo and collaborative EM albums over recent years, mainly on DiN records. He also has a lengthy back story involving session playing programming and arranging for a variety of artists and labels including Killing Joke and Suede. Along the way he also picked up a Phd in classical orchestration from the Royal College of Music.

This latest collaboration is the first full album with versatile soundtrack and EM composer Liam Boyle. It is also the first release for these artists on Groove Unlimited. The musical emphasis here is on both melody and sonic explora-tion with an atmospheric soundtrack feel throughout. Not surprising really considering both artists have seperately worked on soundtracks - from independent films to TV. The music is detailed and multilayered repaying close and repeated listening and is realised entirely with analogue hardware, plus a little heavily treated and disguised guitar. Dave also uses an unusual instrument on a couple of tracks called an Aum guitar which is designed to be played with an ebow and sounds nothing like a guitar!

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