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Guy-Lian - Solar System Part 2 (MP3)
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Guy-Lian - Solar System Part 2 (MP3)

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  1. Jupiter – V [14:39]
  2. Saturn – VI [12:26]
  3. Uranus – VII [6:48]
  4. Neptune – VIII 07 [7:41]
  5. Pluto – IX 06 [6:04]

Press Information:
Hi you all. I’m proud to take you on the second part of my musical journey through the solar system. The successor of “Solar System Part I: The Terrestrial Planets” is baptized “Solar System Part II: The Jovian Planets & Beyond” and results in yet another very atmospheric album.

The giant gaseous planets of the outer solar system are referred to as ‘Jovian Planets’. The term ‘Jovian’ is derived from the god ‘Jove’, better known as ‘Jupiter’. The planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are said to be Jupiter-like planets hence the term Jovian. Why the extension “& Beyond”? Well, since 2006 Pluto isn’t considered a planet anymore. However I still feel like this little but beautiful object deserves to be mentioned as a member of our solar system so I really wanted it to be a part in the second chapter of my musical story.

Although this is the second album out of two, the tracks of both were composed and recorded in different order. The very first track was “Saturn – VI” in May 2019 where as “Sun – Ouverture” for instance was completed in December 2020. The last track was “Pluto – IX” and was finished in May 2021, exactly two years after the very beginning of this breathtaking experience. All songs comprise the same atmospheric soundscapes, effects and melodic textures resulting in a consistent whole.

Part I as well as Part II gave me lots of fulfillment. I tried to musically capture the overwhelming beauty of every planet or celestial object and hope I succeeded. Where the track “Earth – III” (collaboration with Hermax) is the pinnacle of “Part I: The Terrestrial Planets”, “Jupiter – V” is on “Part II: The Jovian Planets & Beyond”. I had to dive deep into my musical experience to create the dynamic musical structure and get the quite orchestral atmosphere. But all of the tracks on both albums were made with the same love and enthusiasm and in fact I’m proud of every single piece.

Another aspect of the albums was the comprehensive boost of knowledge on the Korg Kronos Workstation which I heavily relied on during composing. Before every beginning of a new track, I started with programming new sounds on the Kronos, getting more and more acquainted with this monster synth of the Japanese manufacturer.

I hope you, the listener, will appreciate the results of my creative and technical labor and enjoy the atmospheric tracks as much as I did creating them.

Guylian (Danny Gijbels)

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