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Rene de Bakker - Dive In - Dive Out (FLAC)
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Rene de Bakker - Dive In - Dive Out (FLAC)

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  1. Dive in part [17:26]
  2. Dive in part II [13:54]
  3. Dive out part [16:39]
  4. Dive out part II [9:23]
  5. Dive in - Dive [10:13]

Product Info:
This 8'th solo album by Rene de Bakker came out after the Beyond Berlin album Epiphany.
It is sequencer-based music with its basis and inspiration in the tradition of Berlin school.
All sounds come from hardware synthesizers, and this from both analog and digital equipment.
The sequeuncer parts mainly come from modular systems, controlled by 6 different sequencers.
All instruments and songs played and programmed by Rene de Bakker.
The cover art is a painting (acrylic paint on canvas) made by Rene de bakker.
if you like the music, spread the word.
Thanks to Ron Boots who makes all this possible.


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