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Ron Boots - When it gets dark  (MP3)
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Ron Boots - When it gets dark (MP3)

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  1. 7:08 [28:51]
  2. 36:55 [22:43]
  3. 59:59 [28:00]

Press info:
The main music was recorded during my performance in the Byss Studio of Bas Broekhuis on the 28th of November 2020. When I listen to it at home I noticed I was alone. When you do an entire concert live without backing tracks or computer during the build up there are gaps that i feel needs to be filled. Thats is why I am seldom alone on stage in a complete live setting. I only have 2 hands, one brain and am not the virtuoso as some of our other musicians in our scene (or they think they are). So the Cd has the famous Tangenizing process, parts of the music have been added later to the original music. I never had problem with this from other artists as it makes for a better listening. In 99% of the cases it gets better. So I added parts (mind you live played!!).

Thanks to Bas Broekhuis who set up Byss as a media streaming service. Man it works!!

Ron Boots

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