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Bertrand Loreau + Frederic Gerchambeau - Anantayamo (MP3)

Bertrand Loreau   Frederic Gerchambeau - Anantayamo (MP3)
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  1. Nabhadruma - [27:30]
  2. Pallavatara - [27:24]

Press Info:
Frédéric Gerchambeau and Bertrand Loreau are two prominent (and current) members of a genre called Berlin School, which, since its birth in the late sixties, has spread throughout Europe - and elsewhere - and still offers us great reminders and nods to what we were already able to do with synths, well before the era of all-digital. If this "school" - it is more discreet in this millennium, and if its teachers and students have grown - some have died, like Edgar Froese - the "hard-liners" who perpetuate gender and analogy against the winds and (raz-de) tides (those of electronica, techno, etc.) are also able to renew it. And, we hope to reach a new audience that was not even born in the early days of analog synths ...

This is part 2 of their journey toghether. 2 Pieces of great Berlin School ! So we find brilliant Berlin School music here.

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