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Akikaze - Deadlock (MP3)
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Akikaze - Deadlock (MP3)

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  1. Deadlock [19:05]
  2. Lockdown [20:15]
  3. Deadline [15:30]
  4. Crackdown [17:13]
  5. Resurrection [7:38]

Product Information:
A deadlock is a state in which each member of a group is waiting for another member, including itself, to take action.

"Lockdown" and "Crackdown" were inspired by global events in 2020.
"Crackdown" is dedicated to… Crackdown!
"Resurrection" was originally improvised and posted on Facebook on 22 April 2018.

A late thanks to Eric van Baaren for upgrading and modifying the Arp Axxe.
Special thanks to Ruud Heij for his third collaboration. Many thanks to you for buying my music!

Akikaze, written in Japanese means autumn wind, is the musical exploration of Pepijn Courant. This is his thirteenth album. Music composed, arranged, performed, produced and engineered by Pepijn Courant except "Deadlock", composed, performed and engineered by Pepijn Courant and Ruud Heij. Spoken and synthesized monologues and dialogues written by Pepijn Courant. Digitally mixed by Pepijn Courant on Tascam SX-1 and DM-3200 mixers. All tracks were recorded and edited at home in high places in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 22 March 2020 to 28 July 2020, except sequences and Synthi A effects by Ruud Heij and Pro Soloist solo on "Deadlock", recorded at Infinite Echoes studio, Bunnik on 20 October 2018. Mastered by Ron Boots.

Synthesizers: Alesis Andromeda A-6; Analogue Solutions Polymath; Analogue Systems Integrator RS-8500; Arp Axxe; Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth, Arturia MatrixBrute; Behringer Cat, Pro-1; Dave Smith OB-6; EMS Synthi A; Eurorack 8000; Korg Kronos X, MS-10, T-3 EX; Moog Minimoog, One 16v, Taurus 3; PPG Wave 2.3; Modular System; Synton Fénix 2; The Human Comparator 2600 Mini Meanie; Theis Modular Synthesizer System; Waldorf Pulse +; Yamaha V-50 Keyboards: Arp Pro Soloist; Korg Sigma, VC-10; Roland VP-03; Solina String-Ensemble Samplers: Akai MPC-X, 4000 Electronic percussion: WMD Crucible; Intellijel Plonk Sequencers: MPC-X, 2500, 4000; MatrixBrute; Kronos X, T-3 EX; Q-960; Fénix 2; SX-1; Winter Modular Eloquencer; V-50 Acoustic guitar: Alhambra 3-C CW E-1 Voices: Woord, Pepijn Courant; Paul Huenemann; Natural Reader; Donald Trump, Michael Weiss

Pepijn Courant, August 2020

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