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Robert Marselje - Teardrops (FLAC)
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Robert Marselje - Teardrops (FLAC)

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  1. Return to Dueepra 4 - [6:42]
  2. Chasing Atmospheres - [8:15]
  3. Find me a card - [4:56]
  4. The Story so far - [5:45]
  5. A walk on the Bridge - [6:40]
  6. Journey to Heaven - [7:45]
  7. Coming home - [3:19]
  8. Se(que)nding to a dream - [18:03]
  9. Where is my phone - [9:46]
  10. Departure from Dueepra 4 - [7:17]

Product info:
The tracks are composed between 1998 and 2019 As time passes, some memories fade away. To keep the memories alive i tried to capture them with music.

Two tracks are inspired by the loss of loved ones (6,7) Two tracks are a linked to the Blue Team (1,10) One track was rewritten for this CD, thanks to Eelke Krikke on guitar (5) Some tracks were inspired by EM heroes from the past, you know who…

Some dreams need to evolve, take time to get shape. But inspiration can not be forced, therefore recording new material took “a bit” longer than expected. When i had a few tracks and let Ron listen to them, he said to me: “make more like this and make them longer”...

So i did. - Enjoy

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