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Paul Ellis - Rainforest And Pavement (MP3)
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Paul Ellis - Rainforest And Pavement (MP3)

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  1. Rainforest And Pavement - [5:14]
  2. Northwest Cedar Coliseum - [5:51]
  3. Eyes In The Dark - [9:50]
  4. Liquid Sorcery - [7:12]
  5. Rose Gold, Bronze And Copper - [8:25]
  6. Snow Flurry In Lamp Post Glow - [6:17]
  7. Drifting Thrtough An Astral Doorway - [8:30]
  8. Spectre Of The Ancient City Of Ur - [7:27]
  9. Conversations For Neon Cello and Haunted Orchestra - [5:57]
  10. The Way That Autumn Came To The Trees - [4:28]
  11. Misty Light Of A Forest At Dawn - [9:31]


Product info:

Paul Ellis:

For me this album explores both my life in an urban setting, the bustling city and the time I spend hiking in the forests.
Here in the Pacific Northwest there are a lot of rainforests so I go hiking for balance... to breathe in the fresh air and get away from the neurosis of the city.
At the same time I have to admit that I love aspects of living in the city... The energy and the progress, the ideas and resources....I seem to need both, so the album is sort of an exploration between this strange dichotomy.
Also noticing as I emerge from the forests where the pavement begins...

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