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Walter Christian Rothe - Secrets (MP3)

Walter Christian Rothe - Secrets (MP3)
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  1. Thunder
  2. African hunt
  3. By the Sea
  4. Under the Lotus Tree
  5. Suspect
  6. Le Periferique
  7. Jane DÁrc
  8. Pierre Lachaise
  9. For Tracy / Little Drummer Girl
  10. Souvenir de Paris
  11. Salut Michel

Product Info:

“Secrets” is a concept album with music from my time as a composer. It spans over 20 years of intense composing, thinking and experimenting with chords and melody straight from my heart. There is no story but what you make of it without being pretentious. For me it contains the best melodic drama I know and have used in my short career as a film composer. I hope this is not my last cd as I still have so many ideas. I kick things off with a big thunderstruck just to scare you a little, I love a good joke! If you have a heart attack, do not sue me:) lol.

All music composed, arranged, produced an performed by Walter Christian Rothe in his studio in Steendorp. For more info visit my Facebook-page or write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thanks to Erik Loots, Lore Nadia, Annemie, Katia, Ron, Oscar as well as all my friends Hannah, Elaine and Conny. Without you this music would not have been possible! The most important persons for me are my family. I never learned to express my love for them except in music.

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