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P'Faun - Golden Peacock (FLAC)
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P'Faun - Golden Peacock (FLAC)

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  1. So Ham [14:49]
  2. Flying Fish [7:01]
  3. King Gong [9:15]
  4. House In The Storm (Part 2) [10:58]
  5. Number Five (Is Still Alive) [7:18]
  6. P Quences [14:39]
  7. Blue Pearls (Part 1) [7:23]
  8. Blue Pearls (Part 2) [7:05]

Even though P’Faun is a new band (kind of...) it existed for 5 years under the monicker “Betzler & Brückner” - releasing two albums - and some of the members have even roots reaching far back into the past of electronic music and German rock respectively...

Drummer Tommy Betzler is a founder member of P’Cock, a German cult band who released three albums on IC Records in the early 80s - back then still label of electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze. Tommy also played drums for Klaus Schulze on different occasions (most prominently at the “Stahlsinfonie” concert 1981 in Linz) as well as working as a roady and stage / sound technician on KS’ big Audentity tour in 1983. After a long break as an active musician and a career as catering service owner for international rock stars during the rest of the 80s and German TV in the 90s - and some serious illness - Tommy returned on stage in 2007 playing with Picture Palace Music (the older project of Tangerine Dream member Thorsten Quaeschning) and several other musicians and projects from the German and European electronic music scene...

Sammy David is an old friend of Tommy Betzler from their home town Darmstadt, and after guitar lessons from legendary guitar player Roye Albrighton of Nektar fame (the band being neighbours of Tommy Betzler in the early 80s) was involved in local bands who often borrowed P’Cock’s tour bus to reach venues back in those days. Like Tommy, Sammy returned to music after a long break (actually he studied medicine and became a doctor), finally fulfilling his dream of studying guitar at an academy. Today, he’s a guitar teacher and musician in different bands, including P’Faun.

Michael Brückner is the youngest band member, however founded the project together with Tommy Betzler in early 2013 - until now simply called “Betzler & Brückner”. Originally the idea was only to play one concert together and (perhaps) releasing the recording as a live album, however since that recording turned out to have unfixable sound issues (due to imbalances in the PA at the event) plans for a studio album were made. Michael is recording ambient, space music and other electronica since about 1992, has released quite a few albums during the past 20+ years and has played live both solo as well as in different projects - including “Betzler & Brückner”.

With the addition of Sammy David as a third regular band member (after the concert in late 2017 at the E-Live festival at Oirschot, Netherlands) it seemed necessary to find a proper new band name - P’Faun may seem a little weird on first look, but if You think of it, You’ll maybe see who this is a nod to...

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