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James Clent - Windows in the Sky (MP3)
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James Clent - Windows in the Sky (MP3)

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  1. Journey of the Exuberant Son
  2. Melancholic Afterglow
  3. The Darkest Matter
  4. Hanted Interlude
  5. Awakening and Redemption
  6. Meditation in Pacific Grove
  7. Um Na Na
  8. Dancing on the Nexus
  9. My Love for You
  10. Storm Clouds

After his earlier contributions to the Analogy series, James J Clent has delivered a debut album that expresses a multitude of emotions with integrity and authentic original songs. It's a celebration of his journey through life, making stops at feelings of longing, dread and humility. A classically trained musician, James J Clent explores the gambit of sound and songs combining driving sequences with tender melodies and screaming guitars.

His inspiration was drawn from many sources, his family, his travels, and experiences. "My Love for You" is an ode of love, longing and celebration for his wife and daughters. Listening to "Meditation in Pacific Grove" you can feel the peace of meditation while the ambience of a Californian beach on a sunny afternoon engulves the listener in serenity. "Storm Clouds" tells the story of driving through a tornado bearing down on the countryside forcing humans and animals alike to seek shelter for the onslaught of raw natural power that picks up everything not solidly anchored to the ground and sweeps it through the sky. Then arrives the eye of the storm and all becomes quiet and eerie, until that passes too. Windows in the Sky tells many stories of as many possibilities as there are stars in the sky.

One thing is for sure, this will certainly not be a one day wonder.

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