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Robin Banks & Steve Smith - Stealing Time (FLAC)
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Robin Banks & Steve Smith - Stealing Time (FLAC)

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In a strange way this collaboration came about through illness.
Robin Banks is a classically trained pianist who composed music for TV, Radio and Production Music libraries, and was a keyboard player with a number of bands, one of which included multi-instrumentalist Steve Smith. Over time he became disillusioned with the music 'business', and when he developed an ear condition known as Ménière's Disease (causing partial hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus) he decided his music career was over. Steve Smith is well known in EM circles as one half of successful duo 'Volt' and one third of the trio 'Tylas Cyndrome' Before starting on this project Steve was suffering from a deep depression, but felt that working on a new project might help, and managed to coax former bandmate, and now friend, Robin Banks into the studio to experiment with co-writing a few tracks. Despite their various ailments they found themselves creating something energetic, melodic, positive and upbeat, which eventually developed into a roller-coaster ride through many styles from Rock to Pop to Classical to EM. One characteristic of their music was the frequent use of strange and rapidly changing time signatures, and so they decided to work all this into an album very loosely based around concepts of Time, Time Travel and related matters - 'Stealing Time'

This collaboration has taught me a lot about making music with multiple time-signatures and how to deal with them in the recording process. It has certainly been the most challenging but also most rewarding musical project I have ever been involved in and has helped me through a state of deep depression.

Working with Steve on this project has helped me to re-discover my love of music and I am now busy writing again after a break of several years. I expect to complete another album project within the next few months. Collaborating with Steve has been fantastically enjoyable from start to finish and I definitely want to repeat the experience!

  1. Space & Time
  2. Lost in 1969
  3. Time Machine
  4. Alternating Timeflow
  5. Transmutation
  6. The Morning after
  7. Rock of Ages




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