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Derelict thoughts (Ron Boots) - Autumn Moon (MP3)
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Derelict thoughts (Ron Boots) - Autumn Moon (MP3)

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  1. Derelict thoughts is the name Ron Boots is going to use for his Ambient releases.

    For years Ron has been adding Ambient tracks to his music, on each CD there is a track

    that would fit the description. But he is most known for his Sequencing and fast past

    Electronic tracks. But under the name Derelict thoughts this well see his first all Ambient release

    since Too Many Secrets. Music described by those who visited his concerts together with

    Pieter Nooten in Amsterdam and The Hague as mesmerizing soundscapes with a warm sound.

    Slow detailed flowing sound pieces that move in a natural organic way..

    Autumn Moon is the music that was improvised during these performances.

    For these 2 shows Ron played numerous versions during the preparation of them.

    And from these preparations came the title track that is over 37 minutes long.

    A long breathing piece of music that evolves like a dream.

    If you like the soft side of Ron's music you will love this!!

    1. Songs for an Autumn Moon [37:18]
    2. A Gentle Night [5:10]
    3. Lingering on [4:29]
    4. Half Moon Rising [10:55]

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