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Synthex - Mirrorland (FLAC)
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Synthex - Mirrorland (FLAC)

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  1. The First Frontier [8:21]
  2. Another Perspective [5:29]
  3. Maze of Confusion [7:40]
  4. Mirrorland [5:00]
  5. Into the Unknown [4:20]
  6. Voyage Without Limitations [5:15]
  7. Timewindows [10:13]
  8. Artificial Infinity [9:22]

I am very proud to let you know my new album, Mirrorland - The Land of No Limitations, is finally ready! needs to be pressed, but the music and the artwork are finished. In january 2012 I started working on the songs that would become the Mirrorland album. So it is great to see the work is now done and soon you can enjoy the music.

Let's start with the artwork. I am really proud to present you the cover of Mirrorland. You can click on it to see a larger version. This cover has been created by Paul Tippett of Vitamin P. He has created some really beautiful prog rock album covers and I was very happy that he was willing to do a cover for Mirrorland. What do you think of it? Please visit his website to see his other work as well:

But we have more news about the album! Late 2012 I got in touch with Gert Emmens, initially for my live debut on E-Day 2013. I asked him to add drums to a track I was working on. The live show went very well and one of the songs worked out so good, that I decided to include it on the album. Since Gert played on this song in the live setting, I asked him to also contribute to this song on the album.

And it doesn't end there. When working on a track, I tried to do a guitar bit myself, but that didn't work. Ron Boots suggested to ask Frank Dorittke for the guitar part. Well, it is safe to say Frank added an awesome guitarsolo to this track.

2013. Jeffrey Haster/

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