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Gert Emmens - The Day After (MP3)
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Gert Emmens - The Day After (MP3)

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Peter Leijdsman is co-composer of Contemplation, since this is a new version of a track with the same name, composed and played by Gert Emmens and Peter Leijdsman in 2003.

Matzumi (Kathrin Manz): voice on Cry It Out and Silencio Eterno.
Natxo Asenjo Fernandez: narrator of Spanish poem on Silencio Eterno.
Photography, photo-editing and photo-artwork by Aleksandra PRZYBYLSKA.

The story of this album is about a woman, having the time of her life, along the side of the love of her life. Everything seems to be perfect, what can go wrong? Then one morning, she wakes up, finding herself being alone, no sign of her love, but a poem in Spanish that he left for her. A poem that seems to have some meaning she cannot find in it. What has happened? While time passes without him returning, she undergoes feelings of unbelieve, desperation, sadness, despair, anger and hope. It is a time where this hope slowly fades and she tries to find a way to move on, without the man who meant so much to her. All the time one question remains: Why? Will she ever find the answer to it?

2013. Press Information

  1. Waking Up 11:11
  2. Cry It Out 11:10
  3. Hope Fades Away 11:16
  4. Silencio Eterno (Eternal Silence) 11:40
  5. Searching For Answers 12:16
  6. Contemplation 10:11
  7. How To Move On From Here 3:55

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