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Picture Palace Music - Indulge the Passion (FLAC)
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Picture Palace Music - Indulge the Passion (FLAC)

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Picture Palace Music (PPM) is a band around Thorsten Quaeschning (“Q”). Thorsten has been keyboardplayer in Tangerine Dream since 2005 and co-composer of albums "Springtime In Nagasaki", "Madcap's Flaming Duty" and Jeanne D'Arc". The main idea of the group is to reproduce the musical dynamic and experiments of old live accompaniment for silent movies and to give them a modern soundtrack with nowadays technical options. This shows that the old silent movies are not moldy: they are timeless and fascinating! The music is inspired by more than eighty years old silent movies.

Now, Quaeschning and his many musical friends (live, the band is sometimes expanded up to ten men, amongst them four guitarplayers and three drummers!) have created “Indulge The Passion”. The subtitle is “Music for 7-word-influences & monetary capitals”. Again, Thorsten’s main contributor is synthesist Sascha Beator, who had (co-)written many of the songs on the album. The music on the album is based on famous poetry. The music of PPM is often called “hard”. Maybe it is better to call it a more progressive or rockversion of Tangerine Dream. This can already be heard on the openingtrack “Immortal Hours And Passion Flowers” that clearly could have come from one of the recent records of TD because of the thrusting drums and melodically tunes. Talking about TD: “The Rose And The Cross”, with it’s classical themes, could have been filmmusic. This is something TD has specialized in for many years (that was before Thorsten joined). “Seperate Existence” has Oscar Wilde’s “Humaniad” as a source of inspiration. “Speaking Stillness In The Rose-Flushed-Snow” has a really excellent main melody. If TD had used the track, this could be one of the highlights of their recent career. In the romantic “Beatific Vision” the melancholically sounds of the Memotron have a prominent place. “Fiery Fountain Of The Stars”, again, is almost symphonic rock. In “Passion Of Regret” Thorsten plays a sound that has traces of an accordion. This proves the versatility of PPM. “Continuous Aspiration” is powering electronic rock.

PPM creates the perfect mixture between electronic music and rock. Electronic rock, so to say. Fans of the “rocky” side of Tangerine Dream would love it but it is also highly recommendable to lovers of progressive rock.

2012. Paul Rijkens

  1. Immortal Hours and Passion Flowers
  2. The Rose and the Cross
  3. Separate Existence
  4. Speaking Stillness in the Rose-Flushed-Snow
  5. Bealific Vision
  6. Fiery Fountain of the Stars
  7. Passion of Regret
  8. Compass Me
  9. Continuous Aspiration

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