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Steve Smith and the Tylas Cyndrome -  Phoenix Arising (MP3)
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Steve Smith and the Tylas Cyndrome - Phoenix Arising (MP3)

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The English electronic musician Steve Smith is best known for his work in VoLt, a duo together with his fellow countryman Michael Shipway. For the project “Phoenix Rising” he assembled a new band, consisting (besides himself on assorted synthesizers and other electronic instruments) of guitarplayer Alan Ford and drummer Les Sims. Together they are called Steve Smith And The Tylas Cyndrome VoLt is famous for the combination of thrusting Berlin School-like sequencerpatterns with nice melodies. The same, and more, can be heard on “Phoenix Rising”.

The album begins with the wonderful melodically track called ‘Spanish Storm” where the trio hits the likes of Jean Michel Jarre but combined with great guitarsolo’s on electric guitar as well as acoustic classical guitar. The sequences from VoLt we all have accustomed to during the last years are present in “Somewhere Out There”, again together with nice guitarwork. This is a top Berlin School-piece. Big retro periods and some lighter melodically moments is what this album makes special. “Clockwork Freries” is almost a progressive rockpiece. All these components come together in a composition like “Anticipation Long Distance”. The fans of Wavestar and John Dyson should listen to “Deep Depression” because this is an excellent combination of sequences, melodies, electric guitar and a bit of Pink Floyd. The ending is euphoric, accompanied by large Mellotronchoirs.

Steve Smith And The Tylas Cyndrome show that the electronic music scene in England is alive as never before. And there is some typical English humor as well because Les thanks the voices in his head for all the advice. Well, the voices did a great job!

2011. Paul Rijkens

  1. Spanish storm 'MP3
  2. Somewhere out there
  3. Clockwork freries 'MP3
  4. Inner city
  5. Instand recognition
  6. Anticipation long distance
  7. Dee depression 'MP3
  8. Phoenix arising

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