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Can Atilla - Hi-Story (MP3)
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Can Atilla - Hi-Story (MP3)

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Can Atilla is a Turkish composer and musician. He is a big name in his home country. For instance, he composed the anthem "Dirilis" (“Resurrection”) the official music for the 90th anniversary of the Turkish parliament in 2010. It was by performed by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO). Next to these special achievements, he is also a respected electronic musician and has -amongst others- recorded five albums for Groove Unlimited. “Hi-Story” is his new cd on the label since 2005. How many electronic musicians are there from Turkey? So Can is somebody we must cherish.

For one on his earlier albums in a review was written: “TD or not TD: that's the question! More TD than TD themselves". Atilla is a great fan of Tangerine Dream and that can be heard very well in his albums. But where a lot of musicians take the mid-seventies or early eighties period of that legendary band as a source of inspiration, Can concentrates more on TD from the late eighties and the nineties. Just take a piece like “The Kings And The Beggars (Part One)” and let yourself be carried away to the rhythms, the patchy solosounds and the guitars of TD-albums like, to name a few, “220 Volt Live” and “Turn Of The Tides”. The sequences are well crafted and the melodies quite symphonic and memorable. The titletrack is e great example of this. A nice piano is used in “The Flashbacks”. On several occasions, Can uses Turkish instruments (or samples) in the compositions, like in “Sultan’s Sequencer”, a well-found title, and in “Thieves Of Bagdad”. And, if that is not enough: between all these impressive electronic pieces is a really outstanding progressive rocktrack, called “The Kings And The Beggars (Part Two)”. It is a stunning beautiful and romantic piece with piano, Hammondorgan, Mellotronstrings- and choir as well as drums. Focus: eat your heart out! Hopefully, Can will record more of these numbers in the future. And, if that is not enough, “Solar – Is ……” is a wonderful film-like piece. Again, a Turkish atmosphere closes the album in “Nights Of The Rain Prayers” but together with sequences this makes a very special effect.

With “Hi-Story”, Can has delivered an album with many faces. An album that easily draws it’s inspiration from European classical music, to Turkish music and Tangerine Dream. This is an unexpected and exiting mixture.

2011. Paul Rijkens

  1. The kings and the beggars ( part one ) 'MP3
  2. Hi - story
  3. The flashbacks
  4. Sultan's sequencer 'MP3
  5. When Kafka drink orange juice
  6. Thives of Bagdad
  7. Shadow of the knights
  8. The kings and the beggars ( part two )
  9. Solar - is …….
  10. Nights of the rain prayers

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