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Eric van der Heijden - Dal Segno (FLAC)
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Eric van der Heijden - Dal Segno (FLAC)

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Where a lot of electronic musicians draw their inspiration from the retro/Berlin School, the melodically sounds of Jean Michell Jarre and/or the rhythms of Kraftwerk as well as all of their musical offspring, Dutchman Eric van der Heijden goes further. His music is romantic, symphonic and reflective and describes feelings. “Maybe we should use a Universal Language-and FEEL”, is said is the booklet of the album. The text is also spoken in the openingtrack “Signature Of Signs”, by Caren Weisleder.

“Dal Segno”, is a music notation, used as a navigation marker. From Italian for "from the sign". In this, the album is also a nice follow-up for Eric’s album “Da Capo” from 1998. Da Capo is also a musical term in Italian. The grandeur of a composer like Vangelis sometimes comes to mind while listening to the music of Eric. The romantic flavour of the music is expressed very well in some great pieces played on (electric) piano. “The Inner Self” could have come from the Greek grandmaster himself. After an experiment with the sounds of a big bowl in “Feel” (which Eric also played live on “E-Live”, the electronic music festival in The Netherlands in October 2011). The link to Vangelis grows stronger in this piece. Soft rhythms are used in “Sign Of Life” and Eric plays a quiet solo. In “Joy Of Being” the sequences have references of the eighties Tangerine Dream, where further comparisons can be ruled out. “Beyond The Dream Lies Universal Love” goes a bit back in time. Literally, because here the music has traces of Eric’s first solo-cd “Universal Time Zone” from 1991. After the titletrack, that almost sounds like filmmusic, the big finale of the cd is “The Journey”. Here Eric works together with his fellow musicians Frank Dorittke (also known as FD Project) on electric guitar and Harold van der Heijden on drums in a composition that builts up gradually to a wonderful closing.

Eric doesn’t make a lot of cd’s, “Dal Segno” is only his fourth soloalbum in twenty years. But, the ones he releases are wonderful and have meaning. Meaning in the world of electronic music but also meaning in that Eric says with his music. And with ”Dal Segno” this is an expression of feeling. A great feeling. Hopefully, we can expect Eric’s next album soon.

2011. Paul Rijkens

  1. Signature of Signs 'MP3
  2. The Inner Self
  3. F e e l
  4. Sign of Life 'MP3
  5. Joy of Being
  6. Beyond the dream lies Universal Love
  7. Dal Segno 'MP3
  8. The Journey


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