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V/A - E-Live 2010 (MP3)
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V/A - E-Live 2010 (MP3)

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Special cd for the E-Live 2010 festival containing never before released music.

The Ceremony of Innocence (Live)
Mark Jenkins - composer, synthesizers & iPad
Alquimia - voice
Arthur Brown - voice
David Vorhaus - sounds
WB Yeats - words
Recorded live in Holland and at Unicorn Studio, London

Near UFO
Composed and produced by Bjørn Jeppesen
Recorded in March 1998 at Nattefrost Studio.

In a forgotten time (deZeptive remix)
Composed and produced by Bjørn Jeppesen
Recorded in February 2005 at Nattefrost Studio.

E-Live is an electronic music festival, held every Autumn in theatre "De Enck" in Oirschot, The Netherlands. It is in the south of The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven, known from the "Eindhoven School of electronic music. Together with E-Day, which is organized each Spring, E-Live is the biggest electronic festival in the world. It attracts spectators from countries all over the world. E-Live is organized by Kees Aerts and Ron Boots who are also the guys behind the biggest electronic music label in the world, Groove Unlimited.
The 2010-version of E-Live was special because it marked the comeback of Airsculpture that had not been playing in The Netherlands for years. But there were also great concerts by Nattefrost, Mark Jenkins and headliner Picture Palace music.
Every E-Live and E-Day is accompanied by a special limited edition cd with unique music from the musicians that gave concerts at the festival. "E-Live 2010" has three tracks by Picture Palace Music, two by Nattefrost, one from Mark Jenkins and one from Airsculpture (but a long one).

The Dane Bjørn Jeppesen, a.k.a. Nattefrost starts with a great melody in "Near UFO". Jean Michel Jarre: eat your heart out!
Picture Palace music (Thorsten "Q" Quaeschning, a member of Tangerine Dream and his musical friends, knows how to rock in "Help Murder Help 2010".
Mark Jenkins owns a lot of synthesizers but has managed to record a whole album with just an i-Pad. His "The Ceremony Of Innocence" is an orchestral piece with operatic voices, like the one from Arthur Brown who has also worked with Klaus Schulze.
Picture Palace music returns on "Midsummer’s Morning", an atmospheric piece that is almost like filmmusic.
It was good that Airsculpture were back on a Dutch stage at E-Live. Their "Exploration Drive" has a wonderful sequencerline and is built up in a great way. This fantastic track tastes for more, much more.
"Q" from Picture Palace music comes close to his "other band" TD in the melodically "Array Of Fading Flowers".
Nattefrost ends the CD with almost a danceable track that has traces of the eighties.

E-Live 2010 was again a great festival with excellent concerts. Every time you put on this cd it is a fine moment to think back on this great festival at this fine place with it’s nice weather.

  1. Nattefrost - Near UFO [8:28]
  2. Picture Palace Music - Help Murder Help 2010 [6:36]
  3. Mark Jenkins - The Ceremony of Innocence [8:40]
  4. Picture Palace Music - Midsummer's Morning [5:26]
  5. Airsculpture - Exploration Drive [19:32]
  6. Picture Palace Music - Array of Fading Flowers [4:39]
  7. Nattefrost - In a Forgotten Time (deZeptive remix) [5:32]

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