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Gert Emmens - Nearest faraway place Vol. 3 (MP3)
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Gert Emmens - Nearest faraway place Vol. 3 (MP3)

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Composed, played, mixed and mastered by Gert Emmens
Conclusion was composed and played Januari 2010 by Candenced Haven and Gert Emmens

Jan Dieterich - guitar on track 2 and 4
Tessa Asenjo-Fernandes - voice on track 4
Cara Asenjo-Fernandes - voice on track 4 and 7
Cadenced Haven - keys on Conclusion

"The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 3" is the third and last in a series of three albums. Gert Emmens has borrowed the title from one of his favorite bands the Beach Boys. With "The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 2", the writer of this Tearsheet wrote that with that album the Dutchman had created his best work until now. This gave Gert quite an assignment for Vol. 3. But things can only get better, so to say, and Gert has managed to rise above himself again on this wonderful album. Gert is an absolute master in electronic music because of the mix he manages to create: this is a combination between Berlin School-sequencer based music, fine, warm, melodies, fantastic ambient elements and even a little bit of progressive rock. "The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 3" is again a masterpiece that will undoubtedly have an appeal to many lovers of electronic music. It is Berlin School but with so many different elements attached to it that it nearly becomes a style of its own. There are many things happening on the album. Also, a lot of credit goes out to the guest musicians on the album like Jan Dieterich on guitar, Cara and Tessa Asenjo-Fern�ndes (voices) and Laila Quaraishi, a.k.a. Cadenced Haven, with which Gert created the special album "Peregrination" together. Part 15 immediately introduced the special sequencersound of Gert. The guitar of Dieterich plays an important role in the excellent Part 16, as well as Gert's gently crafted sequences and inventive use of ancient drum boxes, which he loves a lot. On Part 17 fantastic atmospheres introduce a sequence that could have come right out of an album of Tangerine Dream from the second half of the seventies. This piece grows and flows. Dieterich�s David Gilmour-like electric blues-like guitar sound is again present on Part 18. On Part 19 the sequences become a bit harder and metallic as well as more full. And the solo is also beautiful. Gert keeps the drum boxes on almost every track. This music almost reads like a symphony, a long symphony with three Volumes. Not only the "old" Tangerine Dream comes in mind while listening to this album, also TD from the eighties is featured in Part 19. Part 21 and "Conclusion" are shorter pieces (for Gert's case). In Part 20, together with excellent atmospheres and Mellotron choirs, a vocoder can be heard. In "Conclusion" Cadenced Haven pays a contribution in a symphonic, euphoric end of Gert's journey to the nearest faraway place. With "The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 3" this great series of albums have ended. Gert wouldn't be Gert if he didn't come up with a new intriguing idea in the near future. Keep watching the skies

  1. Part 15 [10:59]
  2. Part 16 [11:35]
  3. Part 17 [11:08]
  4. Part 18 [11:37]
  5. Part 19 [12:43]
  6. Part 20 [11:22]
  7. Part 21 [3:23]
  8. Conclusion [4:03]

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