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Ron Boots - Derby! (MP3)
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Ron Boots - Derby! (MP3)

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Live at Derby Guildhall, UK on September 5th 2009.

Harold van der Heijden used a Heart Dynamics Drum kit with a Roland TD 20.
Frank Dorittke used Line 6 Pod Pro with 2 guitars.
Ron Boots used Roland SE 20, Moog Voyager, Korg M3 & Koassilator, Nord Electro 3, DSI Prophet 08 and a Waldorf Blofeld.

All was recorded on a Alesis HD 24 and mixed at the Dreamscape studio.
Some minor power clicks can be heard in the soft parts of the music. We decided to keep them instead of compromising the live feel! Same applies to the occasional bum note. (yes I know I played most of them)

2009. Ron Boots

  1. A half hour of the wolf [10:44]
  2. Howling Whispers [11:00]
  3. Giants in the Derby Sky [7:25]
  4. Reattachment of Worldly affairs [9:02]
  5. Acoustic Shadows [6:30]
  6. Canyon [7:30]
  7. Battle of the Somme [10:02]
  8. A storm in the Guildhall [8:34]
  9. Tainted bare skin at the International [7:56]

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