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VoLt - HjVi (FLAC)
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VoLt - HjVi (FLAC)

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Recorded live at Hampshire Jam 6
Liphook, Hampshire, UK
20 October 2007

On October 20th 2007, Michael Shipway and Steve Smith, together known as VoLt, gave a concert at the "Hampshire Jam 6" festival in England. In the last years, VoLt has become a household name in retro-electronic music. Everything is there in their music: the stretched sequencerlines, the big solos, the sounds and the overall ambiance. This is added with some typical British humor which is always nice in a musical style that is often called too serious.
Already on their latest studioalbum "Nucleosynthesis" the duo used more and more sequencerparts (at least more than before) and on "HjVi" this is again the fact.
These sequences are amongst the finest ever created in electronic music. It seems simple to create a sequence but to use the right notes is not easy at all. VoLt are masters in creating the right sequences. Just listen to the first track "Primaeval" and it all becomes clear. The sequences are long but keep attention at all times. This combined with great solos and an overall melodically approach makes their music so interesting. In contrast to a lot of Berliner Schule-inspired music, they also use a lot of digital sounds.
For instance, this is the fact on "Signals". Again, the sequences here are masterful.
The last track "Extinction" is built up excellent: from a soft start to massive sequences and a "rocky" atmosphere. Let’s hope the last title doesn't count for the music of Shipway and Smith because the way they are developing as VoLt is impressive and one that has to be continued.

  1. Primaeval [21:09]
  2. Atavistic [20:16]
  3. Signals [20:45]
  4. Extinction [14:17]

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