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Gert Emmens - Nearest faraway place Vol. 1 (FLAC)
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Gert Emmens - Nearest faraway place Vol. 1 (FLAC)

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The new album contains one very long track of about 71 minutes, but we will place a number of 7 trackmarks in it, to make it more attractive for the listeners and the radiostations.

In August 2007 Gert Emmens had a computer crash and lost about 110 minutes of new solo music (with a lot of tracks having a symphonic character) and about an hour of Emmens & Heij music. When preparing for a concert, the Dutchman decided to try to recapture the music that was in his head and to postpone the symphonic pieces.
"Existing" pieces were added with new ideas. This lead to a piece of music of approximate 70-75 minutes long. The title "The Nearest Faraway Place" was one Gert wanted to use for a long time. It is an inspiring, mystical, title. One that was used earlier by the Beach Boys, one of Gert's favorite bands. Volume 1 means that there will also be a Volume 2 and Volume 3.
"The Nearest Faraway Place" is Gert's most "Berliner Schule" album until now. Everything is there: the sequences, the Mellotron sounds, the MiniMoog solos, the atmospheres and Gert's ancient drumboxes. But, most of all, his melodically approach of electronic music is there. To make the tracks more radio-friendly, it was decided to use track-indexes. A somewhat new thing for Gert is the use of a guitarist in the name of Jan Dieterich. He does a great job adding some excellent solos which sometimes gives a little hint of Pink Floyd.
"The Nearest Faraway Place 1" has become Gert's best album. And there are still two volumes to go!

  1. Part 1 [10:40]
  2. Part 2 [5:08]
  3. Part 3 [7:28]
  4. Part 4 [14:38]
  5. Part 5 [9:36]
  6. Part 6 [16:05]
  7. Part 7 [7:19]

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