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Create - Space time continuum (FLAC)
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Create - Space time continuum (FLAC)

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The new 2007 album.

This is the fourth CD by the English electronic musician Stephen Humphries, better known as Create. In comparison to his first three CD’s, Stephen has changed two things. First of all, he wanted to return to recording shorter tracks. Secondly, he now only makes use of hardware synthesizers (amongst them one of the flagship-synths of this time: the Alesis Andromeda) in stead of software.
Two of the five tracks on "Space Time Continuum", the titletrack and "Fading Lights Grow Brighter", were first performed at one of the "Awakenings"-gigs. Humphries’ music is a perfect blend of atmospheric sounds and perfectly crafted sequences. On "Space Time Continuum" the best sequences can be heard that he has created so far.
Take the titletrack, with which the CD opens. It starts real spacey, even a bit eerie, with great effects and SF-voices. After this a marvellous sequence enters and Stephen goes off with fine solos. The album contains two of the greatest tracks he has composed in his still short lived career. The first one is "Cryogenics". The piece begins with effects and Mellotronstrings, after which some excellent, menacing, sequences take over.
And if that is not enough, "Footprints in the Sand" shows even greater sequences, as well as fine samples of the nostalgic sounding Mellotronflute.
Well, is this music nostalgic or not? It brings back some of the best from the Berlin School.


  1. Space time continuum [15:45]
  2. Ghost in the machine [12:09]
  3. Cryogenics [12:52]
  4. Footprints in the sand [13:08]
  5. Fading lights grow brighter [7:32]

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