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VoLt- Nucleosynthesis (FLAC)
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VoLt- Nucleosynthesis (FLAC)

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All tracks composed and performed by Michael Shipway and Steve Martin

Nucleosynthesis the chemistry of the "Big Bang". In our case, the chemistry between artist and audience that helped us create this album.

The English duo VoLt, also known as Michael Shipway and Steve Smith, has chosen two central elements in their fourth album "Nucleosynthesis".
The first one is the chemistry of the "Big Bang", in their case the chemistry between artist and audience. This is being revealed on this CD in three and intriguing long tracks. The second one is the extensive use of sequences in these compositions. Even more than they have produced so far. The first piece "Explosion" indeed starts with a huge explosion, maybe the Big Bang itself put on music with the use of electronics. The sequences that follow are great and impressive: the best these two British guys have ever created. The wonderful thing about their music is, that it remains melodical at all times. This is what sets them apart from many other musicians in their musical world.
"Evolution", the second track, tells the story of the evolution in music. The funny thing is that this piece indeed sounds like a story that is being told. These gentlemen know what they are doing.
And then there is "Implosion", with a length of more than 25 minutes the longest composition on the album. The sequences are again innovative and masterfully constructed. But with an ever emphasis on the melodies.
These two men are not only great storytellers but also fine musicians and craftsmen with their instruments. If you thought that you have heard the finest sequences yet, you possible haven’t heard "Nucleosynthesis" yet.

  1. Explosion [18:08]
  2. Evolution [19:21]
  3. Implosion [25:18]

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