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V/A - Analogy vol.3 (FLAC)
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V/A - Analogy vol.3 (FLAC)

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In 2005 and 2006 under the title "Analogy, Volume 1" and "Volume 2", two compilation-cd’s came out with unreleased material from a diversity of interesting electronic musicians. The assignment was to create a piece only using analog equipment. The cd was a product of members of the Internet-discussion group about electronic music, "EMforum".
Both cd’s were a success. Though the forum doesn't exist anymore, the spirit is still there and therefore a third volume has been released dedicated to the forum and all the people that have been part of it. Collaborating artists are, amongst others: Ron Boots, Gert Emmens, Mario Schönwälder, Stephen Parsick, Terje Winther and Create. The cd contains seventeen tracks with a varying approach.
"Vintage Contemporaries" by Emmens & James Clent already shows familiar paths with sequences and Mellotron sounds. The sequences in Gert Blokzijl’s "Monopology", played only on a Korg MonoPoly synthesizer, are wonderful. One synth is also the way Studio35D (=René Splinter) works on his "Probe One" (a SCI Pro One) but then with a more eighties aim. Erwin Hofstede even plays a whole piece, the warm "Solina", with just a Solina string ensemble. Others create ambiences (Parsick, Russell Storey). "Analogum" is an excellent track from Schönwälder’s Filterkaffee, a new project by Mario. And, of course, there is also Ron Boots who plays a recognizable composition "Analowho". This third edition is the best in the series. Let’s hope it does keep that EM-spirit alive.

  1. GERT EMMENS & JAMES CLENT - Vintage Contemporaries [7:11] MP3 soundclip of Vintage contemporaries (Emmens/Clent) [1:00]
  2. CREATE - Red Alert [2:52]
  3. STEPHEN PARSICK - A Molecular Surge [6:07]
  4. GERT BLOKZIJL - Monopology [6:54]
  5. RUSSELL STOREY - Cosmic Kiwi III [0:42]
  6. SYNTH.NL - Synthology [4:56]
  7. FRANÇOIS-POL CORNEC - Sea Click [5:19]
  8. ERWIN HOFSTEDE - Solina [2:23]
  9. JAMES J CLENT - Ambiology [4:31]
  10. RUSSELL STOREY - Cosmic Kiwi III [3:06]
  11. TERJE WINTHER - Familiar Surprises [4:25]
  12. STUDIO35D - Probe One [4:31]
  13. SCHÖNWÄLDER'S FILTERKAFFEE - Analogum [7:31]
  14. ERIC G - In the Moog [3:46]
  15. René van der Wouden - Ceci n'est pas un Analogue [3:13]
  16. MONO-POLY - Semdrone (Spaceship One Edit) [4:11]
  17. RON BOOTS - Analowho [7:54]

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