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Ron Boots - Current (MP3)
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Ron Boots - Current (MP3)

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This is the remastered version of 2007 with a new cover.
This album was created between October '96 and July '97.

All songs composed by Ron Boots except Close Call; drums by Harold van der Heijden .
Vocals on Close Call by Ron Boots

"Let the Dream continue…". These words are written by Ron Boots in the booklet of "Current", his 1997-album and his tenth anniversary of releasing music (of course, he was already making music much longer, as was later proved on his "80’s Box"). "Current" was an important album for the Dutchman. It came as a follow-up of some rather successful albums and can perhaps be regarded as a "warm-up" for his brilliant album "Tainted Bare Skin" from 1998. Now, again ten years later, "Current" has been carefully remastered by Ron and re-released on the Groove Unlimited label. "Current" is a solo-album in the true sense of the word. Where on many other albums Ron is accompanied by guest-musicians, he works alone on "Current". The only exception are the drums on "Close Call" which are played by Harold van der Heijden. Two things play an important part on "Current". First of all, the sequences; they are beautifully crafted and long-stretched. This can already be heard in the masterful opening track "Current part 1" and "Below Paradise (Current part 2)". The second thing is that Ron experiments some more with rhythms, new sounds and atmospheres. Rhythm is quite essential in "Ambiguity", "Close Call" (in which Ron’s voice also can be heard) and "Smiles". "Alignment" and "Reciprocal" are all about atmosphere and intense warmth.  This new version of "Current" again proves how fresh and innovative Ron’s music was and is. This is an essential album in Ron’s career and in electronic music.

  1. Current part 1 [16:10]
  2. Ambiguity [9:21]
  3. Below Paradise (Current part 2) [9:20]
  4. Close Call [11:21]
  5. Alignment [8:59]
  6. Reciprocal [10:30]
  7. Smiles [5:00]

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