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Frank Klare - Digitalic (FLAC)
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Frank Klare - Digitalic (FLAC)

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Composed, played and recorded 2003-2007 by Frank Klare.
Except Digitalic Five and Digitalic Six, composed, played by Frank Klare and Ron Boots.
Mastered by Ron Boots.

Digitalic is musically the successor album of Analogic (1999) which was rereleased in 2005.
The new album continues syncing to Analogic as the recordings originated between 2003 and 2007.
With these six digitalic compositions recorded between 2003 and 2007 the circle of Analogic-Digitalic is closed.
Musically in the style of Analogic, Digitalic is a mixture of cosmic soundscapes and hypnotic sequences that all those who enjoyed Frank Klare's albums Modular Music or Moods will love.

  1. Digitalic One [17:34] alt
  2. Digitalic Two [8:10]
  3. Digitalic Three [10:57] alt
  4. Digitalic Four [10:08]
  5. Digitalic Five [12:48] alt
  6. Digitalic Six [16:53]

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