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Frank van Boogaert - Nomads (FLAC)
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Frank van Boogaert - Nomads (FLAC)

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at ACE studio, Aartselaar, Belgium between January 2005 and October 2006
Composed, produced, performed and engineered by Frank Van Bogaert

Belgian composer, keyboard player, producer and sound engineer Frank Van Bogaert is a masterful creator of warm, sensitive, romantic, symphonic and hypnotizing electronic music. "Nomads", his sixth album (if you don’t count "One out of Five", the best of album) must be Frank’s mile stone to this date. He worked 2 years on this album and the sonic richness is second to none. Sound design is an important part in Frank’s music. Every sound on "Nomads" is thought of carefully and recorded in the best possible way. "The making of this album proved to be more challenging than any previous release I’ve done…", Frank says in the sleeve notes.  Indeed, "Nomads" has become an impressive musical journey taking the listener to different but well-defined places. Pablo Magne, designer of the sleeve artwork felt very inspired by Frank’s music, which is showcased, in the beautiful 12-page booklet.
From the symphonic "Crack The Blue Sky", "Nomads", "Ritual", "Aquatopia" and "Mont Blanc" (perhaps the best two tracks on the CD in which Frank shows his skills on the piano), the slightly jazzy "Furious Jam", the rhythmic "High" and "Drive", the soft "Blue Down There" to the closing ambient track "Beneath The Ice" with an intense atmosphere, every piece on this album has its own special story, sound and image. It has been said and written before: Frank’s music stands out of the crowd. On "Nomads" he has surpassed everything he has done so far. This album is Frank’s masterpiece and puts him once more on top of the contemporary electronic music scene.

  1. Ouverture [2:34]
  2. Crack the blue sky [5:22]
  3. Nomads [5:50]
  4. Furious Jam [4:20]
  5. Aquatopia [6:57]
  6. High [4:33]
  7. Mont Blanc [3:48]
  8. Drive [4:34]
  9. Blue down there [3:55]
  10. Ritual [4:35]
  11. Heat [5:21]
  12. Beneath the Ice [5:08]

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