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Create - Biospherical imagery (MP3)

Create - Biospherical imagery (MP3)
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Recorded between June and November 2004 and in October 2005 at the Backroom Studio.
Music composed, arranged and played by Steve Humphries

Tracks 1/3/5 are live studio versions of tracks I played at the very first Create gig in Nottingham 07.11.04.

Tracks 2/4 were recorded Oct 2005 and are shorter ambient interludes to the sequencer tracks which are 1 and 3.

Behind Create is the Englishman Stephen Humphries. "Biospherical Imagery" is his third album. Again, the music is based on the Berlin School but there is a difference from his first two albums "Reflections From The Inner Light" and "From Earth To Mars". On these albums he didn’t make use of traditional instruments like Mellotrons and analogue synthesizers but he created everything with the aid of the software program "Reason". The difference could not be heard. When he started playing live, he also started using (lots) of hardware-synths and now he also uses these instruments on an album for the first time. "Biospherical Imagery" contains five tracks from 2004 and 2005 that are played live with only the sequencer patterns and drum loops pre-programmed before hand. The title track is the central piece. It is almost 47 (!) minutes long. Now, that's more like it! In comparison to other works of Humphries, there is more emphasis on rhythm. In addition to his sequences, solos and ambient sounds, this gives the music a full and rich sound. The Berlin School at its best.
There are also two short tracks on the album, "Endless Corridors" and "Mystery Voices" that are ambient interludes that Stephen played before he gave his concert at the "E-Live Festival" in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in October 2005. With "Biospherical Imagery" Create again proves to be one of the best new forces in retro-EM. And his music gives the listener an extra "reason" to listen to the Berlin School again.


  1. Biospherical Imagery [46:50]
    Live Studio Nov 2004
  2. Endless Corridors [5:06]
    Live Studio Oct 2005
  3. Signs Of Life [15:00]
    Live Studio Nov 2004
  4. Mystery Voices [3:12]
    Live Studio 2005
  5. The Day After [8:36]
    Live Studio 2004
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