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Nattetrost - Absorbed in dreams and yearning (MP3)
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Nattetrost - Absorbed in dreams and yearning (MP3)

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Recorded from Januari - December 2005 at Nattefrost Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark and some parts also in Nattefrost Mobile Studio in Odense, Denmark and Munster, Germany
All tracks composed, performed and produced by Bjorn Jeppesen

Bjorn Jeppesen - synthesizer and various electronic equipment, vocals on track 5 & 8
Ute Stemmann - vocals on track 4

Nattefrost is a project by Danish musician Bjorn Jeppesen. "Absorbed In Dreams And Yearning" is his second solo-album and his first for Groove Unlimited. On this record, Jeppesen cleverly mixes influences from the Berlin School with ambient sounds that have a certain "Scandinavian" feeling. Jeppesen's music is based on nice and quite easily accessible sequencer lines that frame his music. The first track "The Battle That Lasted Eternally" already clearly shows his capabilities with a fine and soft sequencer track. The album has some long tracks (well, if eleven minutes is "long" in electronic music!), as well as a number of short pieces. "Through Clear And Frosty Nights" and the title track are Bjorn's most retro-sounding compositions on the album with great sequencer patterns and soloing. The melody at the end of the title track is great.  In "Valhal" the mix between Berlin School and ambient can be heard well. But, as is the fact on the whole of the album, the accessibility stays in tact and this combination is nicely done.
Nattefrost is a name that has to be kept in sight. And maybe Jeppesen has invented a new style of electronic music: the Scandinavian School perhaps?

  1. The Battle that lasted Eternally [9:41]
  2. Where the Gods are Watching [4:03]
  3. Through Clear and Frosty Nights [11:09]
  4. Visions of a Pale Moon [3:46]
  5. Valhal [11:28]
  6. Descending from the Stars [3:39]
  7. Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning [9:56]
  8. The Northern Lights [5:12]

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