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Frank Klare - Moods (MP3)
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Frank Klare - Moods (MP3)

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Composed, played and recorded by Frank Klare.
Mixed and mastered 2005 by Erik Seifert.

‘Moods’ is based on the theory that different frequencies and tones when processed by the human brain can transport the listener to a different state of mind. This CD contains 3 titles which depending upon the track being listened to, can induce a state of relaxation (Alpha Moods), stimulation (Beta Moods) or deep meditation (Theta Moods). When listening to this music best results are achieved when headphones are used. To avoid unwanted side effects no use was made of the ‘Brain Sync Research’ extra frequencies function on this CD.
’Alpha Moods’, a composition made specifically for a scientific group for the purpose of inducing relaxation, was the building block upon which the foundation of this album has been built.

  1. Alpha Moods
  2. Beta Moods
  3. Theta Moods

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