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VoLt - Through the rings (FLAC)
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VoLt - Through the rings (FLAC)

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Recorded live at MSL studio with mixing and editing by Michael Shipway.
All tracks composed and performed by Michael Shipway and Drums on track 6 and Steve Smith

Michael Shipway and Steve Smith are two English electronic musicians who on "Through The Rings" present their third musical outing as VoLt. Bringing in a lot of musical experience as well as typical British humor ("No synthesizers were harmed during the making of this album"), the duo composes music that results in a melodical variation on the Berlin School.  The opening track "Journey To The Rim" is a fantastic example of the many things that VoLt is capable of. It brings back the nice times from the early nineties when serious electronic music was rising again after a difficult period but it also contains some beautiful passages that easily could be used as film music.  The filmy quality of VoLt music continues in "Dark Entrance". The title track has the most references to the Berlin School style. Starting with samples of Mellotron choirs, it moves into a great sequencer piece with perhaps the best patterns they have come up with so far. These guys know what they are doing!  "Soaring Benaeth The Surface" could again be a soundtrack but now for an horror movie because it begins very dark and industrial. But after darkness comes sunshine because great sequences take over and they start to solo. It brings back memories of John Dyson’s "Evolution".
Is there a EM British School? Yes, and VoLt are the leading tutors.

  1. Journey to the Rim [21:35]
  2. Dark Entrance [15:04]
  3. Through the Rings [20:48]
  4. Soaring Beneath the Surface [15:41]

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