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John Lakveet - Proportions (MP3)
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John Lakveet - Proportions (MP3)

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All tracks are composed, performed and recorded by John Lakveet
Track 8 by John Lakveet and Dom F. Scab
Mastered by Ron Boots

In recent years, the name of the Spaniard John Lakveet has become a household name in electronic music. As opposed to a lot of his colleagues in the field of retro-EM, he doesn’t produce ultra-long pieces of music with long intros but he manages to tell his story in quite a short time. This short time also applies to his musical outlet. His latest album "The Force Of Reason" was released less than a year ago. But, if artists are able to create interesting and innovative music, that is not a problem. And with John, this is certainly the case. Sequences are John’s speciality, pulsating and hypnotising. The sequencing on "Proportions" is great; he is really an absolute master in creating the right sequences. Just listen to the multi-sequences in the opening track "Fractal Clouds" and this becomes clear. It is not all sequences on the album: John is also very capable in adding interesting ambient sounds to his music, like in "Randomize Fractions". The melodies on the album are also beautiful. Just listen to "Confusion Of Integral". Perhaps the best sequences on the cd can be heard on "Elipse O" and "Awakes Disorder". "Square Serial" is a collaboration with his fellow countryman Dom F. Scab. It’s a great melodical track with easy rhythms and a fine overall atmosphere. These gentlemen know what they are doing. John Lakveet produces unique music of great beauty and warmth. With his approach it is well possible for him to manage a breakthrough into the top of EM. With "Proportions" he has made another step in this direction.

  1. Fractal clouds [13:55]
  2. Randomize fractions [3:30]
  3. Confusion of integral [6:15]
  4. Elipse O [9:13]
  5. INI.exe [2:53]
  6. Gog-ocre [7:06]
  7. 1 and 1 and [7:49]
  8. Square serial [11:45]
  9. Awakes disorder [7:25]
  10. Chain factors [3:19]

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