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Create - From Earth to Mars (MP3)
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Create - From Earth to Mars (MP3)

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Recorded between March and May of 2004

Equipment used
Reason 2.5 Music Software Studio, Evolution MK 261 Midi Keboard, Evolution UC-16 Midi Controller, Terratec DMX6 Fire Audio/Digital Soundcard

The man behind Create is Englishman Stephen Humphries. His debut-cd "Reflections From The Inner Light" was dedicated to the Berlin School and that is just what is also happening on "From Earth To Mars".Striking in Humphries’ music is the fact that he doesn’t make use of instruments like Mellotrons and analogue synthesizers but that he creates everything with the aid of the software program "Reason". The difference can not be heard. When he plays live, he uses (lots) of hardware synths though. This of course also makes a more interesting show. "From Earth To Mars" is an oasis of sequences, fat analogue synth solos and pads, effects, space-atmospheres and gentle electronic rhythms that -in case of sound- has references to the big EM-names. Especially old Neuronium and Robert Schroeder come in mind. Sequences play an important part in Steve’s music. It immediately starts with a wonderful pattern in "Light Bank". This is continued in excellent epic tracks like "Earth To Mars" and "Solar Flare". The music is long-stretched with a lot of emphasis on details. "Goodbye" is a tribute to Michael Garrison, the EM-pioneer who sadly died a short while ago. This track shows another side of Steve with more warmth and melody. It reflects the many creative sides of Create. With or without "real" synthesizers; it doesn't matter. Create makes good music and that is what counts!

  1. Light Bank [14:36]
  2. Oblivion [5:53]
  3. Earth To Mars [19:37]
  4. Gethsemane [10:00]
  5. Solar Flare [13:52]
  6. Re-Entry [5:32]
  7. Goodbye [5:24]
    Tribute To Michael Garrison

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