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Paul Ellis - Silent conversations (FLAC)
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Paul Ellis - Silent conversations (FLAC)

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All tracks written and produced by Paul Ellis

the American synthesist Paul Ellis is a fast growing power in electronic music. From the Berlin school-orientated music he created with the band Dweller at the Threshold and on his early solo works, he switched to an impressive mixture between Berlin school, ambient and lots of own inventions.
His latest album "the Sacred Ordinary", his first on the groove unlimited label, already was a masterpiece but what he has done on "Silent Conversations" is no less than sensational. On "Silent Conversations" there is an important place for the genius of ambient Steve Roach, who contributes on four of the nine tracks. This can be heard on the excellent opening track with the great title "the only known photograph of God" and "Peripheral Vision". Ellis is a master of sequences. Tracks like "Trillium", "The wind-up synthesizers of the Glass Reich", "Continental Drift" and "Dialing in the Sun" show some of the best sequencer lines ever. All these sequencer forces are, so to say, being put to rest in a bed of fantastic ambient sounds. And then there are also the slightly experimental "Trance Figure" on which Paul plays guitar, bass and a Rhodes electric piano and the atmospheric title track with the intriguing vocals of Alison O’connor. Ellis is a master of electronic music, as is Pablo Magne a master of cover designs. These two elements together have resulted in an album that can now already be regarded as a classic.

  1. The only known photograph of God [7:16]
    Paul Ellis - synths, guitars, bass ; Steve Roach - synths ; Jeffrey Koepper - synths
  2. Trillium [9:42]
    Paul Ellis - synths
  3. Peripheral Vision [5:22]
    Paul Ellis - tron flutes, rhodes ; Steve Roach - pad and bell synths, processing ; Will Merkle - bass
  4. The wind-up synthesizers of the Glass Reich [7:01]
    Paul Ellis - synths ; Otso Pakarinen - synths
  5. Trance figure [8:58]
    Paul Ellis - synths, guitar, bass, rhodes, vocals ; Laurie Guild - flute
  6. Continental drift [10:51]
    Paul Ellis - synths
  7. The dumb angel's periscope [6:45]
    Paul Ellis - synths, rhythm programming, guitar ; Steve Roach - synths, sequencers, rhythm programming
  8. Silent conversations [11:32]
    Paul Ellis - synths, arranging ; Brenda Erikson - cello ; Alison O'Connor - vocals
  9. Dialing in the sun [9:00]
    Paul Ellis - synths ; Steve Roach - synths and rhythm programming

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