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Hemisphere - Rambling voyage (FLAC)
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Hemisphere - Rambling voyage (FLAC)

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All tracks recorded 2000 / 2004 except track 10: recorded 1994.
Composed, played and produced by Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt.
Pre-mastered March 2004.
Mastered by Ron Boots October 2004

Ralf & Thorsten use the following gear:
Yamaha A 3000, Sy99, EX 5r; Roland JV 880, JV 1080, D550; Access Virus B 2x; Korg Wavestation; Kawai K 5000, K 3; Emu Vintage Keys; Guitars: Stratocaster Fender
Petra Huschle - Vocals

Hemisphere are Ralf Knappe Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt

The German duo Hemisphere are masters in the field of melodically ambient music, provided with a rhythmic twist. Their music is highly appreciated in the ranks of electronic music fans, which is quite rightly because it always comes with a standard high quality. "Rambling Voyage" will be no exception of this: again Ralf Knappe Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt have managed to mix the many faces of electronic music into an intriguing whole.

Starting off in a slightly relaxing mood in "About Suggestion" they move into more darker zones in the longer tracks like "Night Of The Living Machine" (with sequencer lines that remind of Tangerine Dream from the end of the seventies), "Image", "Flow Motion part 1", "Flow Motion part 2", and the beginning of "Crash". At other times ("Oscillation", the rest of "Crash", the title track) the album has a more modern touch and Reinhardt can show his great skills on the electric guitar.  For all the sides that the duo shows, counts the same thing: the melodic essence of their music is never forgotten. And then there is also "Liquid Mirror part 5", as a follow-up of the 1991 album "Liquid Mirror" that is regarded as an electronic music classic. This track was already recorded in 1994.

If "Rambling Voyage" will also be heralded a classic in the future is something we can only guess. But one thing is for sure: this album is another great piece of work by one of the most interesting names in electronic music today.

  1. About Suggestion [8:07]
  2. Night of the Living Machine [12:23]
  3. Oscillation [6:41]
  4. Image [3:47]
  5. Flow Motion part 1 [3:46]
  6. Blackmail [2:20]
  7. Crash [8:22]
  8. Flow Motion part 2 [5:25]
  9. Rambling Voyage [9:10]
  10. Liquid Mirror part 5 [14:17]
  11. Nameless [1:54]

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